Greetings, Fellow Book Nerds

Hello lovely person, whoever you may be, and welcome to this small corner of the internet that I am apparently claiming as my own. Because we can do that now. Like sticking a flag in a piece of land for Queen and country, but without the physically having to go outside part.

I'm Stacey and I like books.

Do you like books? Fantastic, me too.

I am twenty-nine years old and I live in England, land of politeness, queuing and rain. I am besotted with my cats (and puppies), drink an obscene amount of tea, and have a small enormous obsession with Doctor Who. I also happen to be autistic, hence the name up there at the top. And as you've probably gathered, I love to read. Always have, I pretty much picked up a book in my grubby little baby hands the moment I learnt to physically grasp and never stopped.

So, how do I come to be here, metaphorically shouting into the void?

I went to see the Aladdin musical in London with my sister.

Strange reason to start a book blog you might think, but there is more to the story. Before heading to the theatre we had a few hours to potter about, so of course we popped into Foyles which is one of my favourite places, she sat in the coffee shop while I browsed, picking out some books I wanted her to read (I lend her books too but some are too precious, she'll hurt them) alongside my own stack. And so we had books on the mind, and in bags, while on the trip home.

Sadly the potentially lucrative reading time to be had on train journeys is scuppered by the motion sickness headaches that are the bane of my existence, I can't read at all on any form of transport and am very jealous of those who can. So instead I was talking to my sister, about the musical (which was rather fabulous, Genie completely stole the show), about my sister's blog, and about books. I made an offhand comment, joking about starting a book blog, my sister stopped and said, "actually, you really should".

The idea hadn't ever been more than an idle one for me, I'd considered joining in with booktube, which I really enjoy watching, but me and verbal communication aren't the best of friends, the written word is much more my speed. So gradually the idea lodged somewhere in the recesses of my brain, and now here we are. I am adding myself to the hordes of people rambling on the internet, my subject of choice; books.

I am bibliophile, hear me... well, sit quietly mainly.

So welcome, help yourself to a cup of tea.

Now shush, I'm trying to read.

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