My Bookish Childhood

Today is #bookloversday and what better way to celebrate than to pretend that I totally didn't just ignore this blog for absolute months write a quick and fun impromptu post about some of the books that made me who I am, the literary building blocks of the human that is me.
So, what books formed my literary childhood?* Come and see...

(*That header's kind of a spoiler, haha!)

Review: The State Of Grace

Being a human is a complicated game
- like seeing a ghost in the mirror and
trying to echo everything they do.
Grace is autistic, a little different from the people around her, but that's ok. She's got a best friend, a horse, and a routine that makes life a little easier. But with things starting to feel off at home and an unexpected development with a cute boy, Grace's ordered world is starting to slip off its axis, and it's up to her to fix it.

Review: A Quiet Kind Of Thunder

Millie Gerdavey cheated on her boyfriend again.
Steffi has been selectively mute since she was small, she doesn't speak at school, she's practically invisible, but this year she's determined to prove herself. Then on the first day of sixth form her rudimentary BSL skills get her assigned to the new boy, Rhys. He's deaf so he doesn't mind that she struggles to talk out loud, he can see her, and he just might make her world that little bit bigger.