Review: Alex As Well

There are moments in life where something happens and it changes everything.
Raised for fourteen years as a boy, Alex's parents never told her she was born intersex, but she just told them what she always knew: she is a girl. They did not take it well; her mother had a tantrum, her father walked out. Hoping to start over Alex enrolls at a new school, one where nobody has to know that she is anything but just another girl.

Review: The Reason I Jump

When I was small I didn't even know I was
a kid with special needs.
Naoki Higashida, a thirteen year old, non-verbal autistic boy from Japan had his world opened up by the application of an alphabet board, giving him a long desired way to communicate his thoughts to those around him. Here he answers questions about his experiences, the way his mind works, and of course, why he jumps.

Review: A Brief History Of Seven Killings

Listen. Dead people never stop talking.
Jamaica, 1976, and the country is at a tipping point. With just weeks until a general election, Bob Marley is planning a concert for peace, to unite the warring gangs and political parties. Around him spin the lives of gang kids, journalists, dons, forgotten one night stands, drug lords, hitmen and CIA operatives, not all of whom want him to succeed. Spanning years and continents, this is their story.

September TBR

I don't really tend to plan my reading to any major degree, I read what I feel like reading with a few exceptions for reading things in certain order, or in order to prepare for an upcoming release. But I do generally have some vague idea of a few of the things I would like to get to soon, so for this month, what's on my list?

What I Read This Month: August

And so another month comes to an end, another begins, and it is time to waffle on a bit about what I read. August was a pretty good reading month, I read some library books, a new release and a few things that have been sat unread on my shelves for years. I also reached a point where I had no idea what I wanted to read and so just thought, screw it, alphabetical order through my unread books it is...