Who's Excited For Harry?!

Are you excited for Harry Potter And The Cursed Child? Are you? ARE YOU?!

I've posted my pre-order request into the little postbox at my local Waterstones (a lovely magical touch from them) and am now staring at the clock, the calendar, everything that is defiantly telling me it isn't yet release day, and a certain Mr Potter's birthday, July 31st.

Now, I would sell my left kidney and at least three quarters of my soul to go and see the actual play in London (soon, soon... well, I can dream) but for the time being having a book of said play will be a nice stop-gap measure, to keep me going without incredible jealousy and terror of spoilers.

And obviously this gives me an excuse means I need to re-read the series. Again. Starting with the delightful illustrated edition of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone. Yes, I have given myself six days to read all seven books... who needs sleep? Oh Hogwarts, how I've missed you.

Who else is having a cheeky re-read in preparation?

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